Beyond click-through rates: Assessing emotional imprint

New techniques offer advertisers the opportunity to assess the ability of their ads to create a lasting impression

Just because a consumer is part of the 1% who actually clicks on your ad doesn’t mean that you’ve succeeded in achieving any real impact. 

For ads to be effective, they need to create a lasting impression. But how can you measure it?

At GfK we accurately assess the breakthrough of ads and give you an accurate picture of the emotional imprint your campaigns leave on consumers. By measuring an ad’s vividness and the impression it makes on consumers (positive or negative), we are able to calculate a quantitative score to measure the impression your ad leaves on consumers. 

Our unique spotlighting tool assesses an ad’s breakthrough to give a more holistic view of its actual achieved impact. We know from our development work that the more time consumers spend viewing an ad, the more likely it is to leave a lasting impression. Memorability is key to success and brands must work hard to create memorable advertising experiences with a strong emotional imprint if they are to cut through the digital clutter and spur today’s constantly Connected Consumers into action.

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