Leuven 04.12.2018

Belgium Black Friday sales: 2018 vs 2017

In 2018, Black Friday sales in Belgium increased 31,5% in value and 21,7 % in units. The best performing category monitored by GfK point of sales tracking was IT, which took a market share of 29,3%.

Compared to 2017, online sales increased 48,4%, and traditional sales increased 26,9%.

With an increase of 39%, small domestic appliances (SDA) showed the most growth of any category in 2018. The other categories that also showed an impressive growth are IT at 37%, major domestic appliances (MDA) at 35%, Telecom at 31%, and consumer electronics at 19%.

Overall across technical consumer goods, total sales were driven by the heavy price cuts seen during Black Friday week.

Belgium Black Friday sales in 2018 versus 2017 - major product categories

Sales on Black Friday versus other key sales events during the year in Belgium