NewYork 29.04.2019

At DCX, GfK's Sheehan will focus on Smart Home, Gen Z

Smart devices and services are transforming every consumer environment -- from the office to the car; but none has been more affected than the home itself.

GfK's Kathy Sheehan (EVP and Global Director, GfK Consumer Life) is expert in Smart Home and Smart Life trends and will share some of her latest insights in a presentation at the Digital Transformation Summit (DCX) taking place in Austin on May 1 through 3. DCX is produced by DBX, an organization that works with builders to help them successfully market new home communities.

In her session, Sheehan will cover topics such as

  • Smart Home technologies most favored by Gen Z 
  • tech-related concerns about data privacy and security
  • types of consumers most likely to embrace smart devices

At GfK, Sheehan leads the GfK Consumer Life | Roper Reports practice, which provides a holistic perspective of consumers across cultures, time and categories to identify and drive successful innovation opportunities.  She joined GfK in 2001 to provide Roper Reports® US clients with actionable and future-focused insights on the American consumer landscape.

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