At CRC 2018, GfK will share in-depth profiles of Leading-Edge Consumers

Not all consumers are created equal, and so you should not spend the same amount of time tracking them all. GfK has identified a proprietary consumer segment, the Leading Edge Consumer (“LEC”), that has proven to be a group that signals “things to come” in the marketplace. At the 2018 Corporate Researcher Conference (CRC), GfK's Kathy Sheehan and Joe Beier will share how LEC's predictive power comes from their “triple threat” profile that includes an enthusiasm for a category, a leaning toward early adoption of innovation and a throng of folks that typically follow their leads.

This session will profile the key attitudes and behaviors of this important consumer segment as well as distill out key implications for retailers and manufacturers for how to best prepare for the marketplace of the future. This presentation will draw upon the latest finding from GfK’s various Trends, Consumer and Shopper studies (including GfK Consumer Life and FutureBuy). Attendees will learn:

  • What is the DNA of a Leading Edge Consumer? 
  • What have we learned from Leading Edge Consumers about where retail is going? 
  • What are the emerging trends that Leading Edge Consumers are pointing to today, that can help you future-proof your business for tomorrow?