2014 – a year of innovation in the TV market

In 2014 many innovations were successfully introduced in the TV market and brought new impulses. Ultra HD (also named 4k) TVs, curved and growingly larger TVs, Smart TV and OLED lead to increasing sales in retail.

Overall, 2014 was a positive year for the TV market. 7.7 Mio sales units of TVs were measured in the German GfK Panelmarket. This is a growth of more than five percent compared to 2013. At the same time the turnover did go down to 4.3 Billion Euro. This is good news for the consumer as the average price of a TV decreased.

Especially the second quarter of 2014 saw a significant increase in sales compared to 2013. Reasons for this were on one hand the Soccer World Championship, but also the aftermath of the analogue satellite switch off in 2012. In June 2014 only, a growth of 41 percent in units and 23 percent in value could be observed compared to June 2013.

UHD (Ultra High Definition) as Innovation in the TV market Ultra HD, also named 4k, offers four times the resolution of a full HD TV. The picture will therefore be even sharper and better. Especially UHD could bring new growth into the market. In the fourth quarter of 2014, already 17 percent of the TV turnover was made with UHD TVs. And a continuing growth is also expected in this segment for 2015.

TVs grew again in size also in 2014. TVs of 50 inch (127 cm) and more could grow remarkably. 17 percent of all TVs sold in 2014 were already 50 inch or larger. Value wise this segment is responsible for 36 percent of the turnover. The segment of 40-49 inch was in 2014 the most important segment with 41 percent share in sales units. And also in 2015 it is expected that the size of the TVs will continue to grow.

The TV market will be fascinating also in 2015.