GfK Market Intelligence: Product Catalogs

Convert shoppers into buyers

Help your shoppers make informed buying decisions and improve your bottom line

Your customers need details on product features and technical specifications to make informed buying decisions. It’s down to you to provide them with the most accurate descriptions.

From household appliances to consumer electronics and IT products – we aggregate product data and convert it into product data catalogs for websites, inventory databases and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. We offer standardized product data feeds for more than 20 million products worldwide.

We provide product data solutions for retailers, resellers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and insurance claims companies; from product images and technical specifications, to marketing text, merchandizing functions, rich content and more.

GfK gathers comprehensive product data from manufacturers and distributors, producing hundreds of thousands of new SKUs a month. Where available we can enhance this with data from GfK Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking, to give our clients unique insights unmatched by the competition. 

Product catalog services designed to meet your specific needs

  • 1. Spex Plus: detailed specifications for all products sold
    Our accurate, comprehensive and standardized product data catalogs are ideal for retailers, online shops and portals, wholesalers and many more businesses. They provide you with a single source, easy-to-use and complete overview of all products and new releases in the marketplace. Daily updates ensure you never miss out on the latest product releases. Information includes:

    • Product datasheets with detailed and standardized technical specifications for accurate product representation.
    • Products identified with EAN codes and Manufacturer Part Numbers to be easily integrated into your internal systems. You also can extract the information directly from our database by using web services.
    Data is delivered either in raw, bulk files for local integration into your database, or loaded into e-commerce applications, via our hosted servers and web services. Our flexible subscription packages let you choose the specific benefits that match your business needs.

  • 2. Spex Access: getting your product information to your vendors and resellers
    For manufacturers, we ensure that your products are represented accurately on leading distributor, reseller, VARs, retailer, e-tailer and popular shopping portals. As well as data and SKU building services, we have the network to distribute your data worldwide to as many channel partners as possible.

    Whether you’re a global or local manufacturer, we can help you:

    • create an entirely new product catalog
    • easily create and maintain your existing stock-keeping units (SKUs)
    • make your data available to any distributor, reseller or retailer globally, using our existing network

  • 3. Insurance Service: quickly evaluate claim amounts
    We provide insurance companies with accurate product information, current and historic prices, and proprietary intelligence to help determine claim values for damaged products. Our custom integration option lets you easily merge our data into your existing systems, so that you can give accurate depreciation quotes for customer claims.

    ​Adjusted claim values can be provided in two ways:

    • our online interface provides easy-to-access valuations for individual products
    • for more complex claims, our local support teams provide accurate claim valuations in 24-48 hours