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The full 2021
Black Friday download

Global and local level expert analysis of sales performance in key markets and categories

On-demand webinar

Now, that the dust has settled, it is time to review how Black Friday performed in this most extraordinary year. This November’s event took place in an extremely competitive environment, fueled by rising prices, supply chain challenges and set against a backdrop of coronavirus restrictions. Don’t miss this webinar for the full picture of this key promotional period in the sector’s calendar.

This one-hour long webinar offers an overall global session and deep-dives in local language giving you the latest sales insights to put your own performance into perspective. Based on our unique and trusted GfK Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking our global and local experts will share a comprehensive analysis on what was sold, when, where and at which price across key markets, product categories and channels.

Global session: Download the big picture

Our experts will share the 2021 Black Friday results at a global level. How did the event perform compared to previous years? Which product categories were most popular? How did market conditions impact discounting levels? As well key facts and figures, GfK presenters call on their years of monitoring this peak week to offer an invaluable perspective on the current state of the consumer technology and durables market, trends and challenges.

Market-level session: Download country and category detail

In part two we dig down deeper into the detail from six key Black Friday markets - UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Brazil. In each session local experts analyze the event’s performance on a country level so that you can understand that market, compare your activity, and benchmark your results against the overall performance.

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