Introducing our SENSIC census tracking system

The online ecosystem is vast, and numerous connected devices offer you data at unprecedented scale. GfK’s Digital Audience Measurement tools help you streamline and hone in on data insights relevant to your business. GfK’s inhouse census tracking system, SENSIC, enables the monitoring of web traffic. With a few simple actions, we deliver measurement across a wide range of online properties, including Advertising Campaigns, Audio & Video, and Web Content.
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SENSIC goes beyond answering ‘What’ was consumed⁠ — also uncovering the ‘How’ of which device was used, and the ‘Who’. All thanks to our bespoke User Detection and Data Science Modeling techniques. We are ready to face the challenges of the ever-evolving digital space, and have a clear vision to be the platform of choice for ubiquitous cross-device measurement in the digital world.

Certified Vendor & Technology Partners

GfK’s Digital Audio Measurement SENSIC stack — certified vendors and technology partners…

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Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet, SmartTV, Gaming Console, Smart Speaker, or Connect Device? We’ve got them covered. SENSIC focuses on providing compatibility across the highest possible amount of devices — including those commonly restricted — to ensure we capture the entire online ecosystem.
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GfK’s Digital Audience Measurement gives you class-leading audience insights. By integrating with GfK’s Audience Ascription Model (AAM) we combine site-centric and user-centric data to create a huge virtual panel. This enables us to measure websites with low audiences (known as the long-tail), making them visible and reportable for the first time. SENSIC is tuned to provide only relevant data points, with the optimal granularity required to minimize the transformation overheads. This makes the AAM approach more efficient than third-party site-centric alternatives.

Plug & Play Extensions

SENSIC media player extensions are designed to make integration as simple as possible. Simply bind the SENSIC extension to your desired media player to track all the relevant user actions on that video or audio — including ad exposures (once activated).

Here’s an example script to show how simple it is…


The SENSIC extension is available on a wide range of media players

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