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Respond, innovate, and invest where ​it matters most,​ empowered by foresight into future choices, and insight into the catalysts ​of change in the Automotive industry.
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Access a legacy of trust and expertise that spans over four decades

GfK-NIQ AutoMobility has been the leader in deciphering US automotive purchase intentions and brand health since 1982. As we gear up to extend our influence globally, our commitment to delivering unparalleled data insights knows no borders. At the heart of our mission is empowering your decision-making journey. With a robust, data-driven approach, we pave the way for strategic and tactical decisions that propel you toward unparalleled success. Welcome to a future where consumer insights are not just power they are the driving force behind your triumphs.

The road ahead is bold, and with the right insights, you have the power to drive the change.

Embark on a transformative journey through the dynamic realm of automotive excellence with our team of over 100 senior professionals at the helm. Fueled by foresight and insightful analysis, we provide unrivaled expertise facilitated by our dedicated network of automotive category brand experts. Our extensive knowledge, spanning country-specific perspectives, allows for universally recognized metrics – essential for brand and model analyses. Our program strategically integrates additional countries each year while ensuring localized insights through on-demand analyses enriched by local market experts.

Our data extends beyond marketing, offering actionable strategies for your entire company.

Armed with foresight into future choices and deep insights into the catalysts of change, we're here to uncover the driving forces behind shifts in segment demand, measure marketing impact consistently, and gain comprehensive guidance for managing strategic actions at both brand and model levels.

The GfK-NIQ AutoMobility program not only provides consumer-driven metrics but also sheds light on company-wide initiatives, dealership dynamics, manufacturer recall levels, industry awards, and valuable insights into product quality.


The automotive industry is racing forward at high-speed.

Change is not just inevitable, it's a powerful force poised to revolutionize the way we navigate the roads of innovation. At the forefront of this transformation, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) hold the keys to owning and steering this change. We aim to empower industry leaders to respond, innovate, and invest strategically, channeling resources where they matter most.


The surge in electric vehicle demand since 2020 underscores the need for market vigilance in a rapidly shifting automotive landscape.


The decline in new vehicle intenders among Millennials and Gen X compels OEMs to swiftly embrace change for strategic gains.


Auto intenders' prioritization of desired technology features is one of the key avenues for uncovering and leveraging brand advantages.
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