Why people listen to radio – it makes them feel happy

People listen to radio because it makes them feel happier and more informed, with news and traffic updates, on-air personalities and the live nature of radio being key drivers for choosing radio over other forms of media, according to GfK’s latest Radio Insights research released today.

Radio listeners want more than music - the survey of 1,200 Australian radio listeners found that 70% listen to radio because it improves their mood and makes them laugh.

Fifty-six percent nominated news and traffic reports as a main reason for tuning in, while 47% tune in for the presenters and 30% because it’s live.

“The research found that people receive positive emotional benefits from listening to radio, including feeling happier, more inspired and motivated,” said Joan Warner, chief executive officer of industry body Commercial Radio Australia.

“The positive social effects extend to younger listeners, with 57% of those aged 10 to 17 saying they find radio motivational and one in two saying radio presenters help them have more confidence in their point of view.”

Ms Warner said the research provided insights into the reasons audiences are staying loyal to radio despite the increase in new media choices.

“Radio offers something unique that keeps audiences tuning in and that sense of connection to real, live human beings will be even more valued as the use of artificial intelligence becomes more common place.”

The research found radio is a companion medium that keeps people company during a range of daily activities. Thirty-two percent of respondents listen to radio while relaxing, one in three listens while doing housework, 26% listen while surfing the internet, 17% listen while exercising and 18% while eating.

Younger people are more likely to listen to radio while multi-tasking. Nearly a quarter of 10-17 year olds listen to radio while using their mobile phone, 30% listen while on the internet, 22% listen while studying and 11% even listen while watching TV.

People under 25 are the most prolific users of radio across a range of platforms, with one in five listening via all platforms each week (broadcast, website and radio apps).

The GfK Insights research “What Drives Listeners to Radio” can be found at www.radioalive.com.au.

GfK Insights reports are released quarterly to provide additional insights to the official radio ratings surveys, which show commercial radio audiences reached a record high of nearly 10.5 million people in the five major capital cities in 2017.

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