Total New Zealand RNZ Audience Measurement S1 2019

Survey 1 - 2019

Auckland, April 30th – Results of the Total New Zealand 2019 RNZ Measurement Survey 1, conducted by GfK, were released today at 1pm.

Conducted across the whole of New Zealand, this unified New Zealand radio audience measurement survey gives valuable insights into the strength and scope of radio listening across the country. The survey was conducted over 40 weeks and sampled 15,341 people aged 10+.

Department of Statistics estimated population data at 30 June 2018 indicates approximately 4,347,100 people aged 10+ years live in New Zealand. The Total New Zealand Radio New Zealand Audience Measurement Survey shows 3,616,300 or 83% of them listen to a radio station each week.

Network RNZ National reaches 616,200 different people each week, a 14.2% reach of all people 10+ across New Zealand. This is a share of 12.1% of the total weekly radio listening in New Zealand.

Network RNZ Concert has a total audience weekly reach of 182,700 or 4.2% of all people in New Zealand aged 10+. This is a share of 2.5% of the total weekly radio listening in New Zealand.

2,852,300 people aged 10+ listen to Breakfast radio (6am to 9am Monday to Friday) in a typical week.

Breakfast results (Mon-Fri 6am-9am) show Network RNZ National reaches 464,000 or 10.7% of people aged 10+ across New Zealand. This is a market share of 15.6% of the total radio listening audience at that time of day.

Further details of the Total New Zealand Radio New Zealand radio survey can be found at http://www.gfk.com/en-nz/insights/report/radio-new-zealand-reports/

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