Supercrunch by GfK launches

A new independent GfK unit provides agile marketing analyses

GfK launches Supercrunch. The new unit with an independent market appearance offers customers a completely new type of automated, user-defined analysis, helping them solve central marketing issues quickly and cost effectively. Norbert Wirth, previously the Global Head of Data and Science at GfK, will run Supercrunch. The new GfK unit will offer its services in Germany first. Great Britain and France will follow later this year.

Marketing decision makers are faced with an ever-expanding amount of data and data sources. To extract relevant information quickly, produce forecasts and make the right business decisions, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of data and analytics, as well as comprehensive marketing know-how. GfK has now bundled all of this expertise in an independent business unit: Supercrunch.

Supercrunch by GfK offers its customers automated comprehensive analytics solutions to support high-frequency, tactical marketing decisions – ranging from product launches to the optimization of pricing and advertising. The solutions are based on data supplied by the respective customers, by GfK and from additional sources that are – where appropriate – linked with each other and then evaluated using intelligent analytical technologies. This produces fast, relevant and actionable results.

In contrast to the previous core offering of GfK, at Supercrunch the entire focus is on data analysis and its technical implementation in decision-making systems.

Supercrunch customers are provided with solutions tailored to their individ-ual needs and will be able to access the first ready-to-use products by the middle of the year. The offers range from data science consulting to full-service software.

"We have assembled an interdisciplinary team of data scientists, software experts, consultants and industry specialists for Supercrunch,“ explains Norbert Wirth, the head of Supercrunch by GfK. "With this combination of skills, direct access to data and our technologies, we are optimally equipped to solve the most wide-ranging specific customer challenges in the age of big data."   

Further information:
Norbert Wirth, T  +44 20 7890 9932, norbert.wirth(at)supercrunch.io

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