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The Best Brands Awards are a major event in the marketing and communication sector and will take place on March 21st, 2024. Organized by Serviceplan and GfK – an NIQ Company, the 9th edition of this extraordinary annual event will be held at the Docks Dome in Brussels. 


The theme of the event this year is “WELCOME SPRING!”. Why? Just as nature blossoms during this season, the Best Brands Awards can celebrate the rebirth and growth of the favorite brands amongst Belgian consumers, emphasizing their ability to adapt, innovate, and remain relevant in our ever-changing era. 

Spring signifies a time of new opportunities and showcases the brands' ability to reinvent themselves to meet the evolving needs and preferences of Belgian consumers.​ Want to discover if your brand is part of the flourishing brands? Then save the date for the 21st of March 2024.   


In 2004, Serviceplan and GfK- an NIQ Company initiated the Best Brands Awards in Munich, which is now considered to be THE barometer of brand performance. Based on a survey of 4,500 consumers conducted by GfK- an NIQ Company, this ranking of the best brands measures their strength according to two criteria: the actual economic success of the brand and its emotional dimension with consumers.  A unique concept that relies exclusively on the consumer to determine the winners.  

Twenty years later, this prestigious annual meeting is considered the Oscars for brands. The recognition of the concept is such that it has been exported to several countries around the world, including Italy (2015), France (2018), Poland (2023) and, since 2016, Belgium.   


The Best Brands Awards recognize around 290 brands from 20 vertical sectors. This year the categories are: 

  • Best Audio & Video Brands (NEW) 
  • Best IT Brands 
  • Best Large Household Appliances Brands 
  • Best Automotive Brands 
  • Best Gardening Brands 
  • Best Dairy & Plant-Based Food Brands (NEW) 
  • Best Soft & Fruit Drinks Brands  
  • Best Water Brands 
  • Best Liquors & Spirits Brands
  • Best Retail (FMCG) Brands
  • Best Retail (Hi-Fi, Electro) Brands
  • Best Pet Food Brands
  • Best Stationary Brands (NEW)
  • Best Home Comfort Brands (NEW)
  • Best Kitchen Appliances Brands (NEW)
  • Best Salty Snacks Brands (NEW) 
  • Best Sweet Snacks Brands (NEW)
  • Best Renovation & Decoration Brands (NEW)
  • Best Tools & Machines Brands  (NEW)
  • Best Retail DIY & Garden Brands (NEW) 



The 300 brands included in the 2024 study will also qualify for consideration in the "Best Momentum Brand" category. This special category acknowledges brands that demonstrate strong momentum even in demanding market conditions and exhibit resilience in times of crisis. This recognition is particularly significant as the growth and momentum landscape has become increasingly challenging for brands, with many markets currently experiencing contraction. 



Winners are not chosen by a select jury, but through an objective study. An online survey will gather input of over 4,500 Belgian consumers. Created by GfK- an NIQ Company, the fieldwork started in October and will run until the beginning of December.  


Contact Serviceplan Group Belux 
Chloé Le Garrec, Marketing Manager, c.legarrec@house-of-communication.com, +32 (0)494 077 208. 

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At our Houses of Communication, we combine Strategy & Consulting, Creative & Content, Media & Data and Platform & Technology solutions – services tailored to your individual communication needs.  

Our vision & mission - Building Best Brands 

Best Brands are not only commercially successful, but also spark strong emotions. These outstanding brands remain etched on the memory of the consumers as something that is innovative and positive. Transforming your brand into a Best Brand – it’s what our 5,500+ people across the globe work in a variety of specialized agencies of our Serviceplan Group.  


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Laura Gilson, Commercial Sales Manager, Laura.Gilson@gfk.com, +32 472 59 73 02 

About GfK – an NIQ Company 

For over 89 years, we have earned the trust of our clients around the world by solving critical questions in their decision-making process. We fuel their growth by providing a complete understanding of their consumers’ buying behavior, and the dynamics impacting their markets, brands and media trends. In 2023, GfK combined with NIQ, bringing together two industry leaders with unparalleled global reach. With a holistic retail read and the most comprehensive consumer insights - delivered with advanced analytics through state-of-the-art platforms - GfK drives “Growth from Knowledge”. For more information visit www.gfk.com. 

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