Amsterdam, 05.07.2017

NOM and GfK to deliver total readership of print brands in the Netherlands




Amsterdam, 5 July 2017 – NOM (Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia), the Joint Industry Committee responsible for the national readership survey in The Netherlands, has commissioned GfK to integrate their print currency for newspaper and magazine brand consumption with NOBO online published media brand consumption data. This will deliver insights into the total readership of the brand across all platforms in the Netherlands.

NOM, which represents all leading newspaper and magazine publishers in the Netherlands, has appointed GfK to develop and execute the data fusion. This fusion will produce figures for total readership that will include consumption of brands across all platforms (printed edition, pc / laptop, tablet, smartphone). GfK will provide NOM with methodological consultancy and data science expertise to produce total readership on a quarterly basis. The first publication is expected for the end of this year.

Irena Petric, managing director at NOM, comments, “By fusing our print and online brand consumption data into single metric, we can provide media and advertisers with instant access to performance across the full spectrum. This kind of complex data integration demands expert understanding and experience in combining substantial, multi-source data streams – and we are extremely pleased to be partnering with GfK on this.“

Stefan Raum, global head of media measurement at GfK, adds, “Markets need solid, yet comprehensive currencies that reflect today’s multiplatform consumption habits of consumers. GfK has the proven data science expertise to facilitate this important data integration work. We are proud that NOM has selected GfK as their partner in producing total readership of print brands for the Dutch market.”


About NOM

NOM is a Joint Industry Committee whose main goal is to provide the market with currency for media planning of newspapers and magazines. In the past few years NOM has changed its scope from measuring readership of printed editions into measuring total readership of the brand. The national readership survey NOM Print Monitor (NPM) is designed and carried out in order to meet that goal. In addition to that, a single source consumer survey NOM Doelgroep Monitor (DGM) is carried out in order to provide the market with all the relevant target groups for planning of advertising campaigns in print media.

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