NewYork, 21.04.2020

MRI-Simmons Study Reveals New COVID-19 Consumer Segments


New report provides insight into the attitudes and behaviors of ‘Nervous’ and ‘Accepting’ personality types

MRI-Simmons, the essential consumer truth set, today announced the release of its COVID-19 Consumer Insights Study, providing in-depth analysis of consumer behaviors and attitudes resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. Unlike other studies, the COVID-19 Consumer Insights Study will be fused to MRI-Simmons’ nationally representative datasets, providing marketers and media with deeper profiling capabilities across 60,000 consumer elements, including hundreds of psychographics, product categories and thousands of brands.

Among its many findings, the study reveals two consumer segments that have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (‘Nervous’ and ‘Accepting’).


One-third of Americans make up the 'Nervous' segment and feel the world is forever altered by COVID-19. These consumers skew female, have a median age of 46, and are more likely to be liberal. In comparison, two-thirds of consumers fall into the ‘Accepting’ segment, and believe that “what will be, will be.” These consumers skew male, have a median age of 47, and are more likely to be conservative.

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