Nuremberg, 20.05.2021

MMS and GfK launch online video currency in Sweden

Mediamätning i Skandinavien (MMS) have published first figures on online video viewing using a newly launched reach model developed by GfK called Audience Ascription Model (AAM). This is a major step toward providing total video currency for Sweden. The resulting fully integrated dataset provides a reliable basis for granular analysis and reporting of even the most niche digital channels.

MMS and GfK have been working together to develop a new reach model for online video viewing. The first figures were published to the market on May 18, 2021. The project launch is a major step toward providing total video ratings for Sweden. The model developed by GfK, called Audience Ascription Model (AAM), adds demographic profiles from the online panel-based measurement to the online video streams from the site census data to provide audience figures for online video channels in Sweden. The resulting fully integrated dataset provides a reliable basis for granular analysis and reporting of even the most niche digital channels.
“We are pleased to announce that we have reached the second milestone in the development towards a total video currency, launching an online video currency based on real panel data. Ever since we reached the first milestone, online video data based on profiled demographics, there has been a pressure from the market to move to panel data that can be fully integrated with the linear TV ratings, composing the total video currency. Therefore, this is a major step for the whole industry”, says MMS CEO, Magnus Anshelm. 
The project has had to overcome some challenges. For example, the scope was to include both big screen and kids online video viewing in the results, neither of which are measured in the original panel, which was solved through additional data inputs and bespoke adaptations of the model. The new data includes viewing on all screens for individuals aged 3+.
In this phase, there will be weekly deliveries of online video content audience data. The next step in the project will be to shorten processing times to deliver daily data for content but also ads. The final goal is a combined dataset of both linear and streamed reach for all TV and video.
John Carroll, Global Director for Business Development at GfK Media Measurement: “GfK is delighted to provide MMS with this much needed integrated online video data to the market. This successful delivery is founded on close collaboration of GfK’s data science team with MMS in the development of the AAM solution and we look forward to working on the next modeling stages to provide total video ratings for Sweden.”

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