Leuven, 27.07.2023

Half of Belgian e-bike buyers are well prepared and convinced of their choice before final purchase moment in bike shop

Leuven, 27 July 2023 – According to the annual GfK E-bike monitor, nearly 50% of the Belgian e-bike buyers cannot be influenced anymore during the final decision moment in the bike shop. This illustrates how a large proportion of Belgian e-bike buyers prepare well in advance, both online and offline, and know exactly which e-bike to buy.

In contrast, the other half of e-bike buyers can still be influenced during the decision stage. For instance, 31% of e-bike buyers say they have not yet decided before entering the bicycle shop. This segment of consumers is open to advice and a visit to the bike shop is important in their customer journey. Moreover, 1/5 of Belgian e-bike buyers changed their minds during the decision moment. For them, the sight of a more attractive e-bike (43%), another product recommendation by the shop assistant (26%) and the unsatisfactory visual aspects of the bicycle (25%) are the main reasons to make a different choice.

Similar figures in the Netherlands, more "changing" e-bike buyers in other European countries

Among our northern neighbors, we notice a similar trend as half of the Dutch e-bike buyers also report having bought the same e-bike as intended. Similarly, about 1 in 5 of Dutch e-bike buyers say they bought a different e-bike than initially intended. The e-bike monitor also shows that in Germany (34%), France (31%) and Italy (27%), the proportion of buyers changing their choice while buying an e-bike is significantly higher than in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Just like in Belgium, seeing another more attractive e-bike and the recommendation of a different e-bike by a store employee, are the main reasons for changing e-bike buyers in the Netherlands, France and Germany, to ultimately choose a different e-bike. However, this is not the case for Italy, where disappointing visual aspects of the e-bike and bad reviews by other users are the main reasons to opt for a different e-bike model.

The e-bike monitor results highlight the importance of the customer journey for an e-bike brand

Overall, the physical bike shop remains an important channel in the customer journey for manufacturers and retailers. Noteworthy are the clear differences in the age groups of buyers for the customer journey in surrounding countries compared to the Belgian market. How these target groups differ in their journey when buying an e-bike is explained in detail in the annual e-bike consumer survey.


E-bike Monitor 2023

The GfK E-bike Monitor 2023 is coming this autumn. Do you want insights into the 2023 e-bike trends? Then take a look here or contact GfK Account Manager Bikes: Marcel Buskermolen (marcel.buskermolen@gfk.com)..

About the GfK E-bike Monitor (research design

In 2018, the GfK E-bike Monitor was the first to be launched in the Netherlands. In 2022, in addition to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, France and Italy were included in the study for the first time. Annual trends about the target group, motivation and buying behaviour towards e-bikes have been extensively investigated in the E-bike Monitor. In addition, we can link the insights (unique in the Netherlands) to actual sales from the GfK Retail data. Every year, the questionnaire is updated to current events.

Using a random sample, respondents were surveyed within the target group of current and potential e-bike buyers. The sample in the Netherlands was 2,000 respondents. In Germany and Belgium around 1,000 respondents and in France and Italy around 500 respondents. The survey was conducted in September.

For 2023, the plan is to expand the e-bike monitor again with a number of new countries.



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