NewYork, 05.04.2019

GfK’s Stevens to share insights on data quality & trust at marketing analytics event


Digital research expert will focus on “The Truth about Consumers”

Consumer data today is abundant – even overwhelming – but tools for identifying the best data for decision making are often scarce.

In a session at next week’s Marketing Analytics and Data Science (MADS) conference, GfK’s Natasha Stevens (EVP, Solution Integration and Data Activation) will share best practices to ensure that decisions are based on data that is grounded in truth. Her presentation, “The Truth about Consumers,” will take place April 9th at 12:30PM.

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Drawing on over 20 years in digital research and data analytics, Stevens will explore how companies can use probabilistic data sources to calibrate and link data both online and off. She will also share strategies for ensuring data integrity as walls between first-, second- and third-party data break down.

“A question we all face on a daily basis is ‘Where can we truly trust data?’,“ Stevens said. “With first-party data, the challenge is whether that data accurately represents the population of interest. We look forward to presenting foundational research on how calibration can address this question, and reviewing other key issues around data quality.”

At GfK North America, Stevens leads data activation and digital strategy, with a focus on driving innovation and commercialization of predictive analytic solutions. Her background encompasses building marketing research models that align traditional and digital techniques, incorporating passive data (digital behavior/social media) into the market research ecosystem and data integration.

Stevens is expert at designing methodologies across industry, with extensive experience in Consumer, Retail, Technology, and Media.  Her work addresses the unique requirements of clients in areas such as product development, issues management, consumer insight, marketing strategy, and corporate and brand reputation.

The Marketing Analytics and Data Science conference, produced by KNect 365, is being held April 8th to 10th in San Francisco.  


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