NewYork, 11.06.2018

GfK to present five ways to embrace AI, avoid data “recession” at IIeX


Will also host conference track, roundtable discussion at leading innovation event


Is the consumer data industry headed for a reckoning similar to the mortgage crisis of 10 years ago? If so, how can analysts, researchers, and clients alike leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and other tools to avoid a “subprime data crisis”?

At IIeX 2018, a leading forum for innovative and disruptive ideas in research and data, GfK will share ideas and prompt discussions to push the industry toward a smarter approach to data and insights. The conference takes place today through Wednesday in Atlanta.

To learn more about GfK’s participation in IIeX, or if you would like to take part in our Executive Roundtable, click here.

Tomorrow (June 12th) at 2:40PM, GfK’s Natasha Stevens (EVP, Strategy) will present “The Looming Subprime Data Crisis: Five Actions to Take to Avoid Data Recession and Embrace AI.” 

Database breaches and careless mixing of low- and high-quality data have raised concerns about the data economy. If the future of data analytics does, indeed, lie with artificial intelligence, what actions does the industry need to take to head off “data foreclosure”? Stevens will unveil the top five things clients and data suppliers must do to prepare for a successful AI future.

In addition, Stevens and GfK’s Rolfe Swinton (Director, Data Assets) will lead an Executive Roundtable on “How to Avoid a Subprime Data Crisis,” encouraging further dialogue on the topic of data quality and trust.

Today (June 11th), Swinton is chairing a GDPR Pulse Panel examining the impact of the new regulation within Europe and beyond, and how it is accelerating adoption of technologies such as blockchain. He is also playing a lead role in IIeX’s Accelerator program for startup companies and acting as a judge for its Insight Innovation Competition.

Stevens is a thought leader and innovator with 20 years’ experience in digital research. Her background encompasses building marketing research models that align traditional and digital techniques, incorporating passive data (digital behavior/social media) into the Market Research ecosystem and data integration.

Swinton has founded and served as CEO for a number of pioneering companies in the insight and technology industries, including RealityMine and Lumi Mobile. He has raised over $30 million in venture financing from top VCs and corporates.




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