NewYork, 20.04.2018

GfK MRI measuring cannabis use in ongoing nationwide study

Top-quality consumer research now covers both recreational, medical consumption

As part of its gold-standard Survey of the American Consumer®, GfK MRI is now collecting data on medical and recreational use of cannabis by US consumers.

The new questions are now in the field, with data scheduled to become available next March; MRI is capturing recreational marijuana use within the past 6 months, and medical use in the last year.
MRI clients will be able to analyze the new cannabis data in the context of consumers’ product ownership, leisure activities, attitudes and beliefs, media usage, and thousands of other data points that MRI already collects.

The addition of cannabis questions to the Survey is part of a larger GfK North America initiative to explore marijuana usage in the context of lifestyle choices. The effort was developed in collaboration with Miner & Company Studio, a strategic research agency with expertise in cannabis consumer insights.

The initiative also includes research with KnowledgePanel®, which is the largest probability-based online panel that is representative of the adult US population. For example, there will be a new KnowledgePanel survey focusing on marijuana in the context of consumers’ lives; through fusion, these respondents will also be profiled in MRI.

“With marijuana moving beyond stereotypical ‘stoners’ into mainstream medical and recreational use, MRI believes it is time to understand the implications of these changes,” said Karen Ramspacher, SVP of Innovation and Insights at GfK MRI. “We look forward to trending the data nationwide and revealing the associated purchases that are impacted by new usage trends.”

The Survey of the American Consumer® represents the highest quality in consumer insights, measuring consumption of over 6,500 products and services in nearly 600 categories.

Miner & Co. Studio is a strategic agency with a history of providing audience insights to guide TV network strategy and TV series development. For the past few years, it has played an impactful role in helping mass media and brands across industries gain a deeper understanding of the rapidly evolving cannabis consumer landscape.

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