NewYork, 05.12.2017

GfK, Comp-Ware partner to empower Pet Specialty with broader data access

As online and grocery claim growing slices of US pet retail sales, Pet Specialty stores are ramping up their focus on data-driven decision making. Consumer insights expert GfK and POS software provider Comp-Ware Systems are joining forces to give Pet Specialty outlets the information they need to compete in this highly competitive market.

Through the new partnership, retailers using Comp-Ware’s industry-leading DARTS(TM) POS management systems will have on-demand access to GfK reports capturing Pet Specialty sales across the country. Stores will be able to benchmark their performances against both national and regional trends.

With GfK’s data, Comp-Ware clients can see

  • how their sales and pricing compare to industry averages
  • which brands and products are succeeding for competitors
  • which manufacturers and brands are experiencing the fastest growth

GfK collects sales information directly from Pet Specialty retailers in 10 worldwide markets; in the US, its panel represents over 11,000 outlets. Comp-Ware’s industry-leading point-of-sale (POS) systems power a large number of stores in the US Pet Specialty and Farm Feed categories.

“In today’s competitive market, POS gives retailers an essential advantage, clarifying their performance and profitability,” said Maria Lange, Business Director of GfK’s POS Tracking (Pet) team. “Now Comp-Ware clients can get our reports covering the complete US pet market baked directly into their POS systems. Outlets can immediately see how their sales, pricing, and shelf set up compare to competitors in their region and across the country. The result is a vastly more level playing field, at a time when online retailers have huge data resources to draw on.”

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with GfK, giving our clients access to more of the rich data they crave for decision making,” said Richard Kann, President and CEO of Comp-Ware Systems. “Through GfK’s unique data resources, our customers can view their performance from a host of different perspectives, and take immediate action to maximize sales, profit, and shelf efficiency. The combination of GfK and Comp-Ware is the ‘app’ stores need to thrive in a largely digital retail world.”

Founded in 1981, Comp-Ware developed and maintains the state-of-the-art DARTS POS system. DARTS supports Windows 7,8 and 10 64-bit technology, dual-screen displays for customer advertising/slide shows, and RF wireless units reaching 1,000 feet or more (for p/o receipts, inventory pricing, POS check-out and mobile Bluetooth printing for shelf/item labels).

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