Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) retains GfK for another five-years' audience measurement




Nuremberg, October 16, 2017 – Commercial Radio Australia Ltd (CRA) has announced that they are retaining GfK as their audience measurement provider for another five-year contract.

CRA chief executive officer, Joan Warner announced the new contract at the Radio Alive 2017 conference in Melbourne, stating that it includes a multi-million-dollar Measurement Innovation Program (MIP), that would explore a hybrid future for radio measurement.  

The MIP is a global first for GfK.  Australia has established a reputation as the innovation hub in radio measurement.  Over the next three to four years, the MIP will underpin the development of a road map to the future for radio audience measurement and build on the important testing already conducted by GfK.  

GfK is currently in year four of the initial five year contract that started in 2014. In this time, GfK has conducted exploratory testing and trial of radio audience measurement via a smartphone app, as well as via a wearable electronic meter in the form of a watch. 

Joan Warner, CRA chief executive officer, states,, “Our decision to extend GfK for another substantial period reflects the excellent results that they have delivered to date. In particular their multi-mode approach to data collection, and their detailed and extensive testing of electronic methods of audience measurement against the standards set by existing methods currently employed in Australia. We look forward to similar successful innovation over the next five years.”

Dr Morten Boyer, head of media and entertainment research for the Asia Pacific region, comments, “CRA’s confidence in us as a competitive and reliable audience measurement partner is proven in their willingness to award this contract extension for such a significant period of time. We are fully committed to providing the very best services to CRA and work together continuously to innovate and develop the very best techniques for their market.” 

GfK is the chosen cross-media audience measurement partner in a number of European countries, and this extended CRA contract confirms the great importance of Asia Pacific as a growth region for GfK audience measurement.

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