Coming clean about dishwashers



The dishwasher market grew by almost 5% in 2014 with value sales reaching £259million. Freestanding appliances only just remain the most popular segment of the market accounting for 52% of value; however sales have remained flat year on year. Market growth has in fact been driven by the more premium built in sector which is up 11% compared to 2013, with sales surpassing £123 million. The improving housing market has helped stimulate built in sales and as they are also on average almost £60 more expensive than their freestanding equivalent, growth of this sector has helped drive overall market value.

Another trend on the rise is dishwashers with low water consumption.  Models that use an average of 10 litres or less per cycle now account for almost a quarter of volume sales. Water usage and energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important topic for consumers as they look for ways to cut back on their rising household bills. This energy saving trend has picked up considerable momentum over the past year and appears to be more of a key feature for the dishwasher market, with consumers willing to invest more for an appliance that promises a longer term cost saving. Hopefully this message can help convert those that still prefer the rubber glove option, as household penetration for this market is still much lower than for other major appliances.


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