New York, NY, 20.04.2021

MRI-Simmons study reveals over one quarter of cannabis consumers in the US are aged 50+

MRI-Simmons, the essential consumer truth set, today announced findings from its National Cannabis Study, which captures the full spectrum of cannabis use across the US. Among its many findings, the study showed that 26% of Americans consume cannabis in some form, representing an overall growth of 15% since 2019. Among all adults 61% said they support legalization of marijuana. The study also revealed that 26% of cannabis consumers (nearly 17 million Americans) are age 50 or older, and these ‘CannaBoomers’ consume cannabis for a variety of physical and mental health benefits.

Cannabis Consumers at a Glance

While they still skew young, cannabis consumers are looking more and more like the rest of America.

They are evenly split in gender, have a median age of 39, and have a median household income that is slightly higher than the average American ($80K). Over one quarter of cannabis consumers are aged 50 or higher. These ‘CannaBoomers’ span portions of Gen X and the Baby Boomers.

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