Toronto, 13.01.2016

Canadians Predict Healthy Holiday Spending

The low loonie is not putting a damper on Canadian shopping habits.​

A survey conducted by GfK in Canada found that, despite the slumping Canadian dollar, most shoppers are not decreasing their holiday shopping budgets, with 57% saying they plan on spending the same amount this year as last year, while 13% say there are planning to increase their spending. Of those boosting their holiday spending, the majority (84%) are bumping up their budgets by at least 10%.

The GfK online survey was conducted among 1,000 representative Canadians in November 2015.

In-store versus Online
It seems the tactile experience of shopping in store continues to have strong appeal for shoppers, with Canadians saying they plan to do 70% of their holiday shopping in-store and 30% online.

Women Tightening Their Purse Strings
Women are more likely to cite that they expect their holiday spending this year to decrease compared to a year ago (29% versus 23% of men). In contrast, most men (61%) say their holiday spending in 2015 will stay the same.

Millennials Will Shop More Online
Retailers should get ready to cater to the Millennials (ages 24 to 34), as 21% of this group claims that they expect to spend more this holiday season versus a year ago (compared to only 14% of 35 to 44 year olds and 9% of 45 to 69-year-olds).

Optimizing the digital and omni-channel (shopping both in-store and online) experiences will be key to retailer success with Millennials, who say they will do nearly 40% of their holiday shopping online.

Cross-Country Differences
Western Canadians foresee the greatest reduction in holiday spending (31%) – particularly in comparison with shoppers in Quebec, who are more likely to hold their budgets constant (60%) or be undecided (6%). The reduction out West is not insignificant, with almost 50% of those who are planning on spending less anticipating cutting budgets anywhere from 25% to 75%.

Online shopping is expected to play a more important role for shoppers in the West, accounting for 32% of all shopping, compared to 24% for those in Quebec (where in-store shopping is higher than in any other region).

Cross-Border Patterns Reversing
The declining loonie is also keeping Canadians shopping north of the border, with 32% of Canadian shoppers saying they took fewer trips to the US in 2015 compared to last year. Interest in cross-border shopping has also declined, with 15% fewer Canadians planning to maintain their stateside shopping jaunts.

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