London, 22.04.2020

British men spend on looking sharp during lockdown

Shavers join hair clippers in lockdown purchase trends

Sales of shavers rocketed in the first two weeks of April, joining the continuing trend in sales of hair clippers, as men seek to look sharp during lockdown.

In the week ending 5-11 April, the number of shavers bought in Great Britain grew +33.7% compared to the same week last year. This was an increase of +43.8% in value, as people also opted to buy higher-end choices. This is an increase on that seen the week before – and forms the first significant growth for shavers this year, where all but one other week have seen negative year on year growth.

Added to this recent shavers jump, sales of hair clippers continues with outstandingly high performance. The number of clippers sold was up +228.2% for 5-11 April compared to the same week last year, with value growth of +320.7%. Although this is lower than the peak seen in the two weeks before, the average selling price remains on an upward trend week by week.

Kelly Whitwick, UK Retail Lead for Market Insights at GfK, comments, “The increased price points for both shavers and hair clippers indicates a transition from the focus on ‘survival’ shopping that we saw in the first weeks of lock-down, into a ‘cocooning’ phase. People are accommodating themselves to the new reality and are increasingly making aspirational purchases within these limits, rather than just survival purchases.”

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