New York, NY, 19.11.2021

New GfK report captures latest US auto “intender” attitudes, actions around key car technologies

At a time when technology is driving most of the innovation and engagement in the auto sector, GfK is shedding light on what likely US car buyers want from and how they feel about today’s leading devices and service – from electric vehicles (EVs) to autonomous cars.

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Drawing on over 3,000 interviews with luxury and non-luxury auto “intenders” – those who expect to buy or lease a new car – the GfK AutoMobility™ AutoTech Insights 2022 Report defines

  • most-wanted technologies among all intenders and key segments
  • auto brands perceived as leading in technology and innovation
  • motivators for and barriers to EV purchase
  • generational differences in car-tech attitudes
  • technology impacts on brand loyalty
  • autonomous vehicle acceptance levels
  • environmental attitudes among new car intenders

The report answers such key questions as:

  • how strongly key intender segments – such as luxury buyers and Generations Y and Z – feel about getting the technologies they want
  • which EV traits – from brand trust to safety – are driving intender brand choices
  • how today’s greenest consumers prioritize leading auto technologies

This year’s AutoMobility AutoTech Insights Report incorporates insights from GfK Consumer Life’s Green Gauge segmentation of environmental consciousness among consumers – from Glamour Greens (those who view their environmental concern as a status symbol) to the Jaded (those who are most skeptical about environmental issues).

GfK AutoMobility is the leading auto intenders brand and attitude insights research in the US – revealing unique opportunities for positioning brands, makes and models. Since 1982, GfK’s Automotive Purchase Funnel has been the bedrock for analysis and insights throughout the automotive industry, tracking performance throughout each stage of the purchase process.

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