At MRIA Conference, GfK Will Focus on Storytelling, Data Visualization




By telling powerful stories with data, market researchers can add crucial relevance and actionability to their findings. At this year’s Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) conference, GfK’s Bitsy Bentley (VP, Data Visualization) and Juliann Ng (VP, GfK Canada) will emphasize the importance of storytelling in two featured sessions.

The MRIA Conference, whose theme is “Storytelling: From Insights to Impact,” will take place from May 24th to 26th at Toronto’s Marriot Eaton Centre.

On the 25th at 3:10PM, Bentley will lead an interactive, “hands-on” workshop about data visualization as a form of storytelling. Bentley will show that there is a world of difference between visualizations used to understand a data set and those that describe a data set. She will apply statistician John Tukey’s concept of “Exploratory Data Analysis” (EDA) - the practice of using visual methods to summarize a data set’s most important traits – to market research in a variety of ways.

And on the 26th at 3:10PM, Keurig’s Stefania Traglia (Marketing Intelligence Manager) will join Ng to present “How to Co-author a Bestseller.” The session will detail how GfK and Keurig synthesized copious amounts of data for one of Canada’s most beloved beverages into a highly relevant, concise and easily digestible story. The outcome helped to shape Keurig’s strategy and provided guidance on how to communicate best with their target consumers.

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