London, 10.08.2021

Home office all the way: Sales of office devices, stationery pick up

Multifunctional printing devices that can print, scan and copy, calculators and stationery were all on the UK’s shopping lists in week 30. 

It might be the official summer holidays, but in the UK the demand for home office equipment experienced an uptick in week 30. Looking at multifunctional devices, the number of units sold in the UK between 25th and 31st July (week 30) was up 23% on the previous week, and sales value increased 26% in the same time frame. The previous best weeks for sales of multifunctional devices in both units and value were weeks 18 to 20. For calculators, there was a noticeable uptick week-on-week, with sales value up 95% and sales unit up 107%. When looking at writing implements, a sub-category of stationery, there was another big leap in both sales value, up 56% week-on-week and sales units, up 67% on the week 29.

HannahHannah Stevenson, Senior Client Manager for Retail Market Insights, GfK, says: “The demand for these classic home office items shows that we still want to have the best kit when working remotely. It may be that the reality of the new way of working mostly at home, with some commuting to the office, has finally been accepted and we’re seeing pent up demand as people look to update their existing kit for the future of work – for the short-term at least. There’s also a sense that students and parents alike are already getting ready to go Back to School.” 

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