London, 21.07.2021

Sales of hairdryers and hair stylers soar as lockdown lifts

Sales of hairdryers and styling products have risen in both volume and value compared to the same time last year.

For Hairdryers, sales volume is up 7.4% for year-to-date to week 27, while, in the same timeframe, the value of hairdryers has increased 21.7% as people buy more expensive models.

Looking at Hair stylers, unit sales growth is 15.3% year-on-year, however, in contrast to hairdryers, the value has fallen -5.9%. The number of sales made online has grown 30.7% for hairdryers and 8.5% for styling products.

Kelly Whitwick, UK Retail Lead for Market Insights, GfK, comments, “It looks like consumers have been buying hairdryers and hair stylers in anticipation of lockdown lifting and being able to return to work and to seeing people in social situations once again.

"We can see the significant price increase in hairdryers as people choose to trade up to some of the more premium items on the market, such as those with ionic technology - probably also drive by shortages in supply of more basic models. As a result, prices have risen over 20%.

"For hairstyling, the demand is there as rising sales volume shows, but prices have fallen approximately 6%. This does underline the importance of innovation in the small domestic appliance market.”

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