London, 28.07.2021

Red hot sales of fans as the UK heats up in July

Sales of fans shot up in week 28 as the UK experienced the hottest week so far this year.

As temperatures soared, the number of units of fans sold in the UK between 11-17 July (week 28) was up 421% on the previous week, and sales value increased 448% in the same time frame. The previous best weeks for sales of fans were weeks 22-24, but more units were sold in week 28. Comparing with the same time last year, unit growth was up 775% and value growth increased 723%.

Kelly Whitwick, UK Retail Lead for Market Insights, GfK, comments: “We had record temperatures during July and, in week 28, we saw demand for fans intensify as consumers looked to cool their houses. With more hot weather forecast for August, shoppers will be looking to get their hands on fans to avoid those hot and sticky nights where sleep seems impossible. However, the supply chain is under pressure and many stores and online retailers have sold out of models, so there will be waiting lists already – and the potential for would-be buyers to upgrade to higher-range models.”

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