New York, NY, 27.10.2021

MRI-Simmons study reveals LGBTQ consumers poised to drive home and tech purchases in next 12 months

MRI-Simmons, the essential consumer truth set, today announced findings from its LGBTQ and Gender Identity Study, which explores attitudes and issues around American sexual orientation, sexuality, gender identity, and more. Among its many findings, the study showed that, in the next 12 months, LGBTQ consumers are 26% more likely than the average adult to be planning to purchase their first house and 22% more likely to be planning to purchase a second house or vacation home. Upgrading technology is also in their plans: they are 22% more likely to be planning to purchase a smartwatch and also 22% more likely to be looking for a hybrid/alternative fuel vehicle.


The LGBTQ community is a diverse group of over 10 million strong. With a variety of identities becoming more socially acceptable, we see in the data that the LGBTQ cohort is young – with three in four either Millennials or Gen Z, with an average age of 36. They are politically and socially active; much more likely to be attending political rallies, actively participating in government, and advocating for the environment. In addition, they are influencers across a number of categories, including entertainment, music, new technology, and home electronics.  

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