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GfK celebrates women in tech

Since its transformation to a tech and data company, GfK reflects on the tech landscape and celebrates its own women following a successful awards night

GfK has been on a journey from a traditional market research company to an international trusted provider of prescriptive data analytics powered by innovative technology. Following this transformation, GfK reflects on how it continually strives for diversity and equality, supported by award-winning women.

The technology sector is booming, but as the industry strengthens, it is still struggling with diversity. Research has shown that the gender gap in technology starts as early as school and carries on through every stage of girls' and women’s lives. 

Consistently, women are less likely to opt for a career in tech when compared to their male counterparts. One key challenge in overcoming this is having visible female role models for younger women to look up to. Currently in the tech industry

•    Women only hold 26.7 percent of jobs.
•    Tech companies with more than 10,000 employees report women’s representation at 26.2 percent.
•    Despite equal access, the percentage of women pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects in higher education is on the decline, and women achieve just 18 percent of new computer sciences degrees.

Despite the number of initiatives and interventions to encourage women into the industry and that aim to shed light on, the proportion of men and women being appointed directors of tech companies has remained almost exactly the same since 2000. 

GfK reflects on the tech and data landscape

GfK is focused on creating a safe space that empowers women to be part of the industry by encouraging open collaboration, celebrating success, and addressing challenges that have been troubling the industry for some time. 

While delivering real value to its customers, GfK also strives for greater diversity and equality in its teams, celebrating the success of its women and empowering them to be role models for the younger generation. 

GfK has now become a place for the leading women in the industry to thrive and make great strides for its customers. The company took ten women to the Women in Tech Excellence Awards as Maddie Peacock, Program Director, and Friederike Hartl, Principal Software Engineer, were both named as finalists. 

•    Maddie Peacock finalist in the categories “Rising Star of the Year” and “Role Model of the Year”. 
•    Friederike Hartl finalist in the category “Role Model of the Year”.  

For her inspiring work, Maddie Peacock was named a winner in the category “Role Model of the Year”. 

“It’s an absolute honor to have been a finalist for two awards at this year’s Women of Tech Excellence, and I am so happy to have been awarded the Role Model of the Year award. I’ve experienced great support from GfK in the three years since joining the company, and I am so proud to be part of a team that celebrates women in the industry. The pace of change when working in technology is so exciting and I thrive off this environment on a daily basis. I hope more young women see how the industry is changing and feel empowered to join,” said Maddie Peacock, Program Director

“Nights like the Women in Tech Excellence Awards are so important as the industry continues to transform to be more diverse and equitable. I am continuously impressed by the standards of our team and our finalists should be so proud of what they have achieved,” said Claire Blythe, Vice President, Global MCI Technology & Operations, who joined Maddie and Friederike at the event.


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