London, 03.08.2021

Freezers, Fridge Freezers and Refrigerators sales uplift in week 29

Unit sales of freezers and cooling appliances increased in the week ending 24th July 2021.

In the Major Domestic Appliances category, freezers had a strong week 29, with the best growth in both value and volume sales for 31 weeks. Week 29 saw unit sales up 28% on the previous week, with value up 24% on the previous week. The Cooling category, which includes refrigerators and fridge freezers posted its best performance for 49 weeks in units and the highest weekly value performance we’ve seen for this category. 

Hannah Stevenson, Senior Client Manager for Retail Market Insights, GfK, says: “We saw huge demand for freezers and cooling appliances in the first lockdown as consumers stocked up on food to cope with anticipated shortages. It’s likely that week 29’s sales increases are more likely to be in response to the rise in temperatures in July and expected hot spells in August.”

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