Nuremberg, 01.05.2022

Europe's Consumer Climate remains depressed with some exceptions

After the collapse in the previous month, the overall economic outlook across Europe recovered slightly in April 2022 (+3 points). The greatest losses in overall outlook compared to the previous month occur in UK, Estonia, Greece and Germany - with UK, Estonia, Denmark and Portugal now reporting the lowest levels of economic expectations across all countries measured. The only improvements in outlook are in Spain, France, Belgium and Italy.

Overall income expectations have improved slightly (+3 points) in April after the sharp downturn in March 2022, although the UK, Netherlands, Austria and Czech Republic show very low levels for this indicator. Strongest losses compared to the previous month are reported in UK and Poland, while Spain, Italy and Belgium gain significantly.

Overall willingness to buy is reported to have significant losses (-8 points) for Europe compared to the previous month. Lowest levels are shown in UK, The Netherlands, Finland and Estonia, while greatest drops compared to the previous month are seen in Denmark, Spain, France and UK.



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