New York, NY, 30.06.2021

New GfK, Dstillery audiences empower precise targeting of electric vehicle intenders

With electric vehicles (EVs) expected to account for 58% of car sales by 2040, the auto marketplace is racing to keep pace. Manufacturers are ramping up production, and ad agencies are looking for the smartest, most reliable ways to reach consumers who are hoping or planning to buy EVs.

To help auto brands and media planners target today’s EV intenders, GfK and Dstillery have just launched eight new intender audiences based on consumers known to be in-market to buy an EV this year. The just-released segments – available now on major ad platforms – are:

  • Electric Vehicle Intenders
  • EV Compact Car Intenders
  • EV Luxury Coupe Intenders
  • EV Entry-Level Luxury Sedan Intenders
  • EV Mid-Prestige Luxury Sedan Intenders
  • EV Midsize SUV Intenders
  • EV Mid- to Full-Size Luxury SUV Intenders
  • EV Small SUV Intenders
  • EV Sporty and Sports Car Intenders

Since the beginning of their partnership in May 2020, GfK and Dstillery have co-developed 150 unique targeting segments for brand marketers to reach their best auto intender audiences.

All of the audiences are based on GfK AutoMobility™ research – the definitive ongoing study of verified auto intenders, derived from roughly 20,000 interviews every month with US consumers who have stated their intention to buy or lease a new vehicle. Because it is based on more than website visits or previous car purchases, GfK AutoMobility™ research captures those who have strong intentions and those who may be new to the electric vehicle marketplace.

Dstillery is the leading custom audience solutions company, empowering brands and their agencies to maximize the value of customer data and transform the way they connect with their audiences.

“As EVs continue rising to the top of intender want lists, the need to reach these buyers with precision and consistency grows,“ said Jeremiah Bullock, Research Director of Marketing Effectiveness at GfK. “We are glad to be providing brands with the tools they need to reach these important new intenders with unmatched precision. The combination of GfK AutoMobility research and Dstillery’s audience activation systems provides the accuracy and flexibility planners need.“

"Automotive ad buyers are constantly looking for new ways to reach their most sought-after customers and understand emerging buying habits,“ said Peter Ibarra, Director, Strategic Initiatives at Dstillery. “Our ongoing partnership with GfK is blazing new trails in helping automotive marketers reach granular audience segments. These electric vehicle segments build on that innovation by helping ad buyers in the accelerating EV category reach and engage with potential customers.”

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About Dstillery

Dstillery is the leading custom audience solutions company, empowering brand marketers and their agencies to maximize the value of customer data and transform the way they connect with their audiences.

Our premier product, Custom AI Audiences, is built by just-for-your-brand Custom AI models that deliver the ideal combination of accuracy and scale. Because Dstillery continuously refreshes audience data, our audiences are always up-to-date and on-target. That’s why brands across Retail, CPG, Finance, Luxury, B2B, Telco, Travel, and Tech rely on Dstillery’s audience solutions to optimize their branding and performance marketing campaigns, helping to drive growth.

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