New York, NY, 09.09.2020

MRI-Simmons COVID-19 study reveals key attitudes that influence American behavior

MRI-Simmons, the essential consumer truth set, today announced the release of its latest COVID-19 Consumer Study, providing in-depth analysis of consumer behaviors and attitudes resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. Among its many findings, the ongoing study showed continued increases in the number of Americans who feel ‘Nervous’ as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, as well as those who identify behaviorally as ‘Live & Learn’ – a group that plans to be more cautious in what they do and how they do it. The study also revealed attitudinal differences on back-to-school, business re-openings, and future vaccination plans.

General Attitudes

While the country continues to experience varying levels of restrictions, with some states transitioning in and out of lockdown scenarios, Americans are becoming more nervous and cautious as a result. Forty-one percent of Americans report feeling ‘Nervous’ due to COVID-19, up 6 percentage points from April. And 71% of Americans identify with a ‘Live & Learn’ attitude, reporting they will be a lot more cautious in the future – up 16 percentage points since April.

To read more, view the release on the MRI-Simmons website.


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