New York, NY, 10.11.2020

Millennials poised to lead travel and spending during holiday season impacted by coronavirus pandemic

MRI-Simmons, the essential consumer truth set, today announced the release of its latest COVID-19 Consumer Study, providing in-depth analysis of consumer behaviors and attitudes resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Among its many findings, the ongoing study showed Millennials are 73% more likely than the average adult to spend more this holiday season, and 39% more likely to travel. The study also revealed this inclination to spend more and to travel is even more pronounced among working Millennials who have children.

Planned Spending

Nineteen percent of Millennials say they’ll spend more this holiday season than last year, compared to just 11% of total adults. Millennials who are working parents are nearly two times as likely as the average adult to spend more.

Read more of the release on the MRI-Simmons site at this link

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