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Pet Food Category Insights

The role of pets as important members of the family is more prominent than ever before. Pet parents love for pets means an increased focus on providing the best nutrition for them. So...how is this playing out in the pet food category? Read further as GfK shares the pet food trends we see trending so far in the 2016 canine and feline category.


Dollar Sales and average price/lb continue to increase while category volume is experiencing decline.


Pet parents want to provide premium products for their pets...but price is a factor. The rise of the value natural segment is providing an affordable solution for them.


The Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) segment achieved double digit growth in 2015 and the trend continues so far in 2016. While dog foods make up the lion share of LID foods, Feline products have seen strong sales growth over the past years.


The Raw Alternatives segment, which includes products such as freeze-dried and dehydrated foods grew at approximately +50% for both 2014 & 2015.


Consumer demand for small and toy breed dogs is rising, which is reflected in strong sales growth and in the rapid increase of available products in the market place across all forms.