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GfK Point of Sale Tracking Pet Specialty

Our Point of Sales (POS) tracking experts keep our clients fully up-to-date on what products are selling and at what price. Using retailer sell-through data, we track Pet Specialty trends which can be used by retailers and manufacturers alike. We help our clients analyze the competitive landscape and identify important market trends. Manufacturers leverage our data to understand changes in market share and brand performance for their own brands as well as their competitors’, while Retailers leverage the data to understand the best products to stock on shelves.  For more information, contact us at petspecialty@gfk.com.

To sign up for our panel, learn more about the benefits of GfK data, or download Maria Lange’s "Shelf Stars of 2016" presentation from SuperZoo 2016, click here.

GfK Pet Specialty

Benefits of GfK Data

Whether you're a retailer or a manufacturer, find out the benefits of GfK data.

Joining our Panel as a Retailer

Who is GfK?

  • GfK is the 4th largest market research company in the world, operating in 100 countries around the globe.

What do we do?

  • We track the point of sale for pet care products around the globe.
  • We track POS sales for pet food, litter, and flea & tick products in the pet specialty channel (Pet Retail,  Veterinarian Clinics, Farm & Feed).
  • GfK collects POS data from a large sample of pet specialty retailers on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Each SKU is being coded for 30+ features (species, form type, grain-free, life stage, breed size, protein, bag size, bag type, country claim, UPC etc.)
  • The data gets projected up to the total universe to allow us to report on sales trends on a national and regional level.

What are the benefits for you as a retailer to join the GfK Pet Specialty POS Panel?

  • As a participating retailer of our panel, you gain access to our database and the market insights provided by our team of data analysts/industry experts.
  • You get a full view of the Pet Specialty market and understand category, segment and brand trends.
  • You also have the ability to look at your performance and compare to the rest of the market (this view of the market is exclusive to you!).
  • Your data is handled with highest confidentiality. Your POS data is aggregated with all other retailer data on our panel – no one, except for yourself, will have visibility of your store’s data. If you have any private label/exclusive brands sold in your store, these brands will be masked in our database.

What type of reports/services will I receive?

  • Monthly Category Sales Report (Dashboard)
  • Quarterly Chart Deck including market overview of category, segment and benchmarking reports (vs. Rest of Market)
  • Annual Trend and Insights presentations tailored to your needs
  • Hitlists of Best Selling SKUs by segment (upon request)
  • Please see a few screenshots below

What does it cost?

  • The relationship between GfK and the retailer is a pure data exchange relationship – there is no cost to you at any time.  Our revenue comes from the manufacturers that are subscribing to our data reports/consulting services.
  • If any costs occur for you during the initial set up process, GfK will cover this cost.

What are the requirements to join?

  • As a participating retailer on our panel, you’ll send in your POS data on a weekly (or monthly) basis through a secure SFTP (the process will be automated)
  • The file needs to include SKU description, UPC, units sold, dollars sold, retail price, store number (a GfK team member will work with you to determine that the file format is set up correctly)

Take a look at some sample data/reports you will receive as a panel member.

Utilizing GfK Data as a Manufacturer

Finding the Growth Opportunities

Are you proactively managing your business or just reacting to the market?

To be competitive in today’s complex retail marketplace, you need to understand how your business is positioned against the competition — where the opportunities for growth lie and how to capitalize on them. Our retail tracking service provides you with the tools and unbiased market intelligence to proactively build the strategy to grow your brand, and equity with your retail partners.

Our approach uses the world’s largest retail network to track products and deliver market insights based on point-of-sale (POS) data. It includes globally consistent definitions for product groups, product features and distribution channels as well as continuous data from sample shops distinguished by turnover size, region and retailer type.

Retail Sales Tracking for Pet Specialty includes national sales for dog food, cat food, treats, flea and tick, and cat litter products in the following categories:

  • Pet Retail
  • Farm and Feed Stores
  • Veterinarian Clinics

Using sample POS data from retail chains across the US, we project for smaller shops and veterinarian clinics throughout the country.

Our online data analytical tool, GfK Star Track Explorer (GSE), allows for examination of the market to any desired level of detail, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, from wherever you are.

As a subscriber to the Pet Specialty service, you get answers to your most challenging questions:

  • How similar is my brand compared to the competition?
  • Am I following the market or missing op¬portunities?
  • How can I identify emerging threats?
  • Am I competitively priced?
  • What’s the impact of seasonality?
  • Am I selling the right features?
  • How much distribution does my brand have?
  • Do I have more shelf space than my competition?
  • How did a product recall affect my product line or overall market trends?
  • Was my promotion/marketing strategy effective?

Whether you’re a market researcher, a brand manager, sales or marketing manager, or investor relations manager, you’ll gain valuable industry insight.

More Than Just Data

In addition to tracking actual sales data, our retail panels provide essential insight on what products consumers are buying, where, when and at what price, so you can proactively make fact-based decisions about your brand. Our monthly reports include brick and mortar sales with information on volume, value, pricing and distribution. In addition, our experts benchmark and compare your performance to the market right down to the product level — guiding you with the most industry knowledge available.

Pet Retail POS data may also be used in conjunction with other GfK solutions from our Promotion and Causal Retail group, to gauge the return on investment of your causal marketing activity.

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