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Now Generation panel discussion


As Millennials transition from cutting-edge to suburban mainstream, marketers need to pivot to “what’s next” – a new consumer generation that will shape brands and products for years to come.

At an event hosted by GfK MRI, thought leaders from five major content platforms and media agencies shared their perspectives on the Now Generation, who are already shaping how we market, innovate, and advertise. These 15-to-25 year old consumers demand new assumptions and strategies – and our panel discussion yielded a variety of insights you can act on today.

Take a look at the video below to see some of the highlights from the panel discussion.

Want to see the full panel discussion? Click below to find out more about the Now Generation, including their advertising attitudes, binge watching, technology immersion – and overload, personal brand curation, openness to social pressure, and perfectionism and attitudes toward failure.

Watch the full-length video