How to plan Black Friday 2021

GfK’s strategic insights expert is sharing his three top tips for mastering product portfolio planning this year. 

Are you ready for multiple weeks of promotions this Black Friday? As the event extends, and as consumers continue to adapt to living in the COVID-19 era, planning for peak weeks in Q4 and beyond has become more challenging.

In this video, our expert Norbert Herzog discusses three key trends he has observed unfold over the last 12 months, and ways to address them. Watch now and benefit from GfK’s unique evidence-based perspective on this crucial time for manufacturers and retailers.

Mastering Black Friday sales planning in midst of uncertainty

With uncertainty and constant change the norm today, perfecting your preparations for this year’s sales season is more important than ever. Based on GfK’s weekly and monthly Sales Tracking insights, Norbert Herzog from GfK's Strategic Insights team answers three crucial client questions:

  • Despite the Coid19 pandemic, how can sales planning be successful?
  • What is most likely going to happen in Black Friday 2021?
  • What is the biggest must-do for this year’s planning?

Want more insights for your Black Friday planning?

Take five minutes to read “Plan for Black Friday success in 2021”. The article includes our five guidelines for success this Black Friday. It covers how to plan for each of the three weeks of the seasonal event, ways to capitalize on the increasing importance of the e-commerce channel, how to perfect pricing and avoid unnecessary price drops, which products to concentrate on, and methods to differentiate your offer through enhancing the online sales experience.

Our white paper “Against all odds: Successful sales planning for Black Friday 2021” is a 15-minute read providing more facts, figures and analysis on peak season planning, trends in retail and top-selling products. It combines historical and up-to-date weekly data from our Sales Tracking to help understand how the event has evolved and anticipate the future to make the right business decisions.

Read the white paper now.

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