Maximize your potential on Black Friday

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a retailer, one thing you can be sure of is that the future is harder to predict than ever. So, when it comes to planning for those all-important peak weeks in November and December, it’s vital to have all the information about past and present performance at your fingertips.

Win in 2021 with the right channel, products, promotions and experience

This white paper uses our GfK Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking to guide you through current, evolving and predicted future trends. Use the insight and data to inform your business planning.

The content is organized in five sections packed with intelligence:

  • Maximize your potential on Black Friday.
  • Gear up for e-commerce on overdrive.
  • Ease off the price drops.
  • Work the new product heroes.
  • Differentiate via new (online) shopping experiences.

Load the odds in your favor this Black Friday

The global pandemic has changed so much: markets, supply chains, consumer trends. Base your sales and category planning on hard facts and sector expertise.

Start by reading our white paper.

against all odds - Successful sales planning for Black Friday 2021