How to achieve brand growth amidst rising inflation

Is it possible to achieve sustainable brand growth amidst rising inflation and living costs? The answer is ‘Yes’ – but only if businesses adopt the right brand strategy and positioning.

Research shows that cutting costs during the times of economic crisis delivers negative results in the long term. To come out of this crisis stronger, there are a few winning strategies to employ:

  1. Crisis creates new consumer needs. Companies who can address these needs will gain market share
  2. Optimize your marketing spend, strengthen your USP and prioritize brand growth at all levels
  3. Don’t face this crisis alone - take advantage of the expertise of strategic partners who can help

Find out more and hear a case study success from gfkconsult in this short video from Jutta Langer, Vice President Consulting at GfK.

Read the full report where GfK offers six recommendations for brands to implement right now to thrive and outperform the competition in today’s turbulent economy. GfK also explores the importance of brand consistency and revisiting consumer segmentation, and why AI should always be combined with the human touch to get the best results.

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