gfkconsult regional outlook 2023: META

Insights to master META Tech and Durables market in 2023

Get a data-backed regional outlook and strategies to maximize your success in key META region markets for 2023 and beyond. Our experts share insights on expected consumer and sales trends in Tech and Durables, and share their point of view on how new market or category entrants and established regional players can leverage opportunities for growth.

Regional Outlook 2023: MENA

The MENA market is as diverse as its consumers. While some areas continue to face strong economic pressures, others are growing and investing in technical consumer goods. Understanding each market within the MENA region is crucial, and catering to low-cost, premium and omnichannel consumers will be critical to success.

Regional Outlook 2023: South Africa

South African businesses have shown remarkable resilience in the face of a tough global economy exacerbated by local challenges such as daily power outages. Understanding the diversity of the South African consumer, their characteristics, evolving needs, and behavioral drivers, will help brands tailor their products for success in this region.

Opportunities for retailers and manufacturers in MENA region

While MENA region has seen a steady recovery, it continues to face constant disruptions, like accelerated inflation and exchange rate volatility. However, there are steps that retailers and manufacturers can take to achieve success in the region: repositioning themselves to increase relevance to customers, utilizing hyper-personalization and using social and media commerce.

Opportunities for retailers and manufacturers in META region

META offers a positive consumer outlook: consumers are willing to spend more on the brands they trust and are looking to indulge and pamper themselves on regular basis. There is large potential in the experience space, as well as opportunity for the brands and retailers in the region to revamp they loyalty and rewards schemes.

Master the 2023 META Tech and Durables market

Discover the latest insights and strategic direction for omnichannel strategies, brand strength, and GenZ behavior in META with gfkconsult’s Regional Report.
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