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Conquering Connected Shoppers: Maximize Omnichannel Opportunities


GfK and REWE Digital at the 61st Global Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum

Connected Shoppers are revolutionizing retail, and that’s true whatever sector you operate in. For consumer goods, the spotlight is on omnichannel. We believe the time is right for the complex grocery sector to be digitized. At the CGF Global Summit, together with REWE Digital, we discussed how you can maximize omnichannel today and tomorrow, profile different shopper segments, explain where to discover and reach them, and predict future trends. If you want to see if you are equipped to conquer the connected shopper in grocery, take a look at our presentation: 

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The connected shopper is price conscious, savvy, continually connected and highly demanding. Conquering them is a battle and to do so, you need to be armed with insights into exactly who they are and what they want.

The key to conquering connected shoppers lies in understanding them. In our free guide to the connected shopper, we unveil the five principles to success.

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