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The importance of instore recommendation


Based on the findings from a recent study we conducted for the washing machine category head to Gateshead if you want truly excellent product advice but do your own homework if you’re buying from another well-known retailer in Plymouth where our shopper was told to read the product manual to find out more!

The latter example is an extreme but inconsistent product advice is the bane of manufacturers who invest huge sums in training sales staff to promote their products in the best light. GfK data shows that 62% of all UK washing machine purchases in 2015 were made in traditional bricks and mortar retailers so having eye catching displays paired with a strong retail recommendation rate is crucial for every manufacturer. 

For the dedicated brand loyalist or those searching out the latest must-have gadget, an interaction with a sales person can be an unwanted delay in getting in and out of the store and your hands on the product. But for the unpersuaded masses or when choosing a product from an unfamiliar category, that sales persons’ offer of help can represent our best chance of not making a hash of it when faced with a myriad of choices.

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Oli Bailey
Business Development Director, Mystery Shopping