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Major Domestic Appliances: less dull than you think


Conclusions for the last quarter of 2016 are in line with previous quarters giving way to a full year review. Once again the white goods market advances, although slower than during 2015.

The growth can be found in all three product families: washing, cooling and cooking. 2016 will also be remembered as the breakthrough of smart appliances in all product groups.

Last year, the washing family saw the strongest growth. This year the progress was less pronounced but energy efficiency and its underlying factors such as electricity- and water consumption, noise level and durable inverter motors have proven to steer demand upwards.

The cooling category was two-faced this year. On the one hand we could see a strong uptake of refrigerators. The American fridges and its 3- or 4-doors cousins are experiencing a boom. On the other hand, evolution in the freezing product group went subzero. Remarkably, the built-in and chest segments were an exception and advanced positively.

2016 will definitely be the year of the range cooker reincarnation. Consumers are not afraid to spend hefty for luxurious appliances. This is supported by the continuous cooking hype. Noteworthy is the innovative dynamism that is at play in the oven product group. Today’s appliances combine steam, grill, and microwaves resulting in organic value growth.

Karel Tyberghein - Consultant MDA


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