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What is the temperature of your brand?


by Tom Hartley

Brands can exhibit symptoms of sluggish growth. Proximate causes can include launching a product in new countries, a new indication, or when faced with a new competitive threat. When the stakes are high, ask yourself if you are using the most effective frameworks to measure and optimize brand performance.

Does your message recall tracking tell you where to focus and how to maximize impact?

Mobile technology that captures in-the-moment recall of messages with voice recordings helps brand teams truly understand the voice of the customer. Benchmarking performance against robust normative data can provide reassurance you that commercial efforts are on track. Consider intensive pulsing of launch brand with integrated message recall as well as other brand health metrics.

Does your brand tracking tell you how to move prescribers up each stage in the experience curve, from non-users to high volume users?

Integrated behavioral data on prescribing and marketing activity will paint a total picture of the impact of promotional activity on attitudes and prescribing behavior. Consider incorporating a portfolio view of prescribers if your organization is managing multiple brands. Build in forward-looking measures of brand health using social and emotional relationship dimensions that act as lead indicators of market share, giving early warning signals.

Are you measuring the effectiveness of your digital assets and multi-channel marketing?

Does your organization understand the effect of different touchpoints with your brand? Are your measuring the impact of digital as well as non-digital experiences on prescriber behavior and brand equity? Do you know what each channel investment is delivering for your brand individually and in aggregate? Consider a multi-channel framework that does more than capture the effectiveness of in-person detailing.

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Tom Hartley
Tom Hartley
Senior Vice President
Brand & Customer Experience
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