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Growth of e-commerce forces brands to re-think packaging


The dilemma of dual packaging: Finding an approach that works both online and in-store

With an increasing amount of transactions taking place online, brands face new challenges around optimizing the effectiveness of their packaging across two very different environments (online and in-store). In the UK alone, 13% of all transactions take place online and grocery sales through this channel are set to double in key European markets by the end of 2016.

As the share of online shopping increases, brands face new challenges around optimizing the effectiveness of their packaging across two very different environments. On the shelf in the retail store packaging needs to shout out clearly to consumers to trigger recognition and drive purchase. But in the e-commerce setting packaging has to carry less of the load, with product descriptions and additional visual assets doing much of the job of capturing attention and driving purchase.

As the gulf between the in-store and online retail environment widens, and shoppers’ needs and expectations of each diverge, manufacturers must ultimately consider dual packaging strategies.

For many categories, it is simply not realistic or cost effective to pursue a dual packaging approach at present – that is more likely to come in the future. The focus now, therefore, must be on optimizing packaging so that it works effectively across both environments. To do this, brands need an in-depth understanding of how different packaging executions play out in-store and online.

Our virtual store, Simstore, offers brands the chance to test their packaging in  simulated in-store and online shopping environments to assess consumers’ true purchase decision-making processes. This enables brands to make a more realistic evaluation of their pack’s performance in both the in-store and online retail environments.

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